What is the Highest quality CBD Oil for Dogs?

While I many opinions on what the highest quality CBD oil for dogs is, the question doesn’t have just one answer.

Rather than trying to say “This is the #1 brand of CBD Oil for Dogs, you MUST buy it”, I’m going to give you a 4 point checklist to find the highest quality CBD oil for your dog.

1 Source of Hemp Plants

You don’t need to know the physical address of where the hemp is coming from, buy knowing if it comes from a farm in Colorado, Arkansas or somewhere in Asia is important. Go for a CBD oil brand that gets their hemp form a farm somewhere in the US.

2 Extraction Process

If you’ve done any reading about CBD oil for dogs then you know that the C02 extraction process is the preferred method of getting a full spectrum CBD cannabinoid mixture from the plant. This is essential to ensure purity and quality.

3 Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

While some products include only CBD others will be a full spectrum Cannabinoid oil. This means it has high concentrations of CBD but also some traces of other cannabinoids, while still having less than 0.3% THC by volume.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil is a full spectrum oil, not just CBD.

The highest quality CBD oils will be full spectrum, not just CBD.

4 Lab Tested

If you’ve read any other articles on my site, or done research on CBD oil for dogs, then you know the importance of only buying a product that has been lab tested to verify the amount of CBD, THC, other cannabinoids as well as terpenes by volume.

Lab testing ensures there are no impurities or dangerous pesticides in the oil you’re going to give your dog. Test results are literally the report card to prove the quality of a particular oil.

5 Proper Dosage Guidelines of milligrams per milliliter

Giving your dog the right dosage of CBD for their ailment or condition depends on the product you purchase providing accurate dosage guidelines.

CBD oil companies do this with lab testing and providing the amount of CBD oil in each milliliter or drop of their oil.

An example is Nuleaf naturals oil.

Their CBD oil contains approximately 48 mg of CBD per ml of oil.

Their products are a tincture (CBD suspended in a USDA organic hemp seed oil) so they come with a dropper. It takes about 20 drops to make up one ml of oil.

If you’re giving your dog lets say 20 mg of CBD per day, then your dog is going to need about 8-9 drops to get their 20 mg a day. You will likely want to break that dosage of CBD up into an AM and PM dosing and give it outside of meal times to maximum absorption.

If you’re giving your dog CBD oil treats or capsules, then the dosage amount should be noted on the packaging.

The Highest Quality CBD Oils for Dogs
I have personally used two different CBD oil products for our dog.

  1. Nuleaf Naturals
  2. Pet Releaf

Both products are not cheap, but they are both human grade CBD oil (I have taken the Pet Releaf CBD oil capsules and the Nuleaf CBD oil). You may have a tough time finding either of these products locally to you so ordering online is likely the best option.

Check out my full review on Nuleaf Natural’s CBD oil for dogs here.

This article was submitted to us by the author Ian.